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[ Bugs ] 3.0 Bugs


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Ok! We have already seen and know that there are alot of bugs on the 3.0 version.Players cant claim the 70k Rebate as the outfit is bugged, i spent 20 scrolls waiting for a summon book and... there is no such thing in the game ( so i except Oasis to give me some sort of compensation,to those ppl who used summon scrolls cuz u basically ''Lied'' to us.

Alot of the new mains have their skills descriptions changed and they dont even do the things they say they do .Also idk if the ANBU Tactics on light main talents do give extra 25% attack since i dont know if that was there or not or if it is new.

So maybe it just best to do an maintence from like midnight to morning on each time zone and fix these bugs as it is concerning the player base and also making them waste their recourses.

-Thanks for the understanding. Sincerely,


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