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Summon chakra


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It would be nice if you can trade you summon chakra with the system too. Because sometimes players don't even have the chakra you need or they need that chakra too.There should be a system where you can at least trade 5 times a day with the system to get any chakra you need, because theres always 1 element that has more than other elements.
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Hmm, a good idea but with a downfall. It's designed for a group and to trade with members from the same group as you are in. Making it available to trade with the system would make it lose it's light and being some regular thing. Sure, it's frutstrating when some don't have the element you're looking for but it will appear eventually.
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Education is key for a trade system can work out. At first, my main guild didn't understand the system so no one was trading but now we do and are trading. On the other-hand, on my alt's guild on a different server, lets just say these players are those who are still learning how to play the game but they are level 70+, which means they don't trade. This post was last edited by Danzō at 2017-7-20 09:58
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Eh... I think that's a bit too ideal...
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This is one instance of "if it ain't broken don't fix it".

I mean Oasis should have bigger fish to fry then fixing a small issue of not being able to trade chakras efficiently.
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I read somewhere that it's better to open small amounts of group summon chakra packs instead of 100s at a go.

Even then I still get 2x the amount of one chakra and lack a lot for others.

Why not put this in the suggestions section in customer service?
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