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[ Help ] So what SHOULD have been done for the anniversary?


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1. Replace Kakashi with Sage naruto or Sage Jiraiya. Someone useful but not one of the harder to get ninja such as Hidan Tsunade Itachi and Sasuke.
2. Maybe add another one or two ftp events that take stamina to get the items such as the fishing event so we can gain more then one of whatever item is needed with out stamina at the same time. Sort of like a FTP version of the Ingot recharg/rebate events on how they are al lstacked nicely this week.

3.Anniversarie clothing? I seen people talk about this but I don't know if it was a real thing. I'm sure all of the ftp (and even p2p/p2w) players would love a special Anniversarie clothing you can only get this week. If there was never an Anniversarie clothing created I would not hand out any of the other clothing (as much as I would like it) as it would be unfair to the players that already bought them.

I'm sure everyone (other than the few people that always complain about something) would be happy with a rare ninja that can be used in pvp. I hope this does not look like a 'GIVE US FREE STUFF' post. I just think if you are going to bother with celebrating Anniversaries you should try to make everyone happy and from the look of things many people are not happy.

I know in China, later on after 3.0 things get better for the FTP player compared to how they are now. My only hope is that Oasis looks at what they did to make things better (event wise I know you can't change too much of the game yourself) and change them at a quicker pace than China did in their updates.

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