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[ Help ] So what SHOULD have been done for the anniversary?


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I propose what i already said in the events thread.

Why not a special version of lucky board, same event but with a new special anniversary board. I'm not asking for susanoo to be in the board, but why not sage naruto for instance? or a kage rare which changes every day?

With a higher cost/reward ratio than the normal lucky board.

A real special event for anniversary better than the rest.

If not why not something on the lines of mt mobyoku? EVEN mt Myoboku, it would have been better to release it this week than the one that just passed.

And that's juts off the top of my head.
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  • sk8erboil On 2017-07-21 12:05:04
  • As a p2p perspective....This anniversary is really really bad....don't even want to spend any on them....Hope oasis can consider some possible solution that can benefit both f2p and p2p. However, I still don't agree those f2p who keeping whining on the forum for nothing and thought they can change the whole game. Does their request only care about themselves...or its truly hope the game will run better? I doubt their intention is for public...anyway, Time to give me dislike on my comment....that's the only thing f2p can do to prove their privilege upon p2w.
Actually you make a very good point.

Not the one about f2p which is uncalled and untrue. But frmo a p2p perspective this anniversary is bad.

The events were bad for everyone, its not just f2p that were disapointed. P2p players also think that the events are terrible (and for good reason, see the news section for many pages on that). I don't know p2w players so don't know about them but moderate and casual spenders feel the same way about anniversary than f2p.

We wanted events with good value for coupons, better than the usual at least. That's all we wanted, nothing more. We woudln't complain about pervert kakashi if the other events were great (or at least not beyond a "kakashi *s" here and there). But with all the other events put together it feels as an additional slap to the face.
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