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[ Help ] So what SHOULD have been done for the anniversary?


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Here is a list of events I thought would be a good fit for the 1st Aniversary:

Clash of Rebates

This event would see every rebate we know of coming in one week (Blessing Refine, Refine, Seal, Summon, Charm, Armour). They would rotate through the week so Thursday would be Refine Rebates, Friday would be Seal Rebate, Weekend would be all the rebates, Monday would be Charm Rebate, Tuesday would be Armour Rebate, and Wednesday would be Summon Rebate. Ideally all rebates would just run throught the week, but I geared the event to be a bit more Oasis friendly.

Thank You Comrades! (Log in Event)

This would be a daily log in event where players would be rewarded just for logging in. Total rewards would be 10 million coins, a special 1st anniversary clothing, 10 seal scrolls, 10 summon scrolls, a red chakra pack, 1000 coupons and a kage/Jin 1/Jin 2 rare (their choose not ours).

Return To Konoha

Much like the Call of Duty event that is in this week, this event is geared to invited returning players as well as new players. Players would be able to send out email invites to people, and would be credited with rewards if players join using that email. Returning players would just need to log in to count, while new players would have to get to lvl 30 before counting towards the event. Players who join the game using this invite will also be rewarded with extras.

Fukurokumaru's Revenge

This would be a limited time "raid" like event. It would act much like ninja exams with players being rewarded with small rewards each level they beat, and major rewards every 10 levels they beat. It would not be resetable so once a player completes it, its done (much like Ultimate Training). Rewards would be refine runes, threads, coins, coupons, seal scrolls, and summon scrolls.

Anniversary Wheel

Just a standard coupon/ingot sink with good rewards. 50 coupons/ingots per spin for the first 10 spins, after that the price jumps to 100. 1 free spin a day.

Recharge Rebate

Self explainitory

TenTen Recharge Event

We got it

Medal Renewal/First Purchuse

Just a discount or a extra reward for renewing your medal. Also would be open for those who buy it for the first time.

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  • Waifuu On 2017-07-20 05:59:52
  • Interesting thread, in my opinion Oasis just needed to add a couple more f2p events honestly.

    The ratio of events is just way too skewed towards p2w, so how could they not expect the backlash from the rest of the player base which is a huge majority.

    What rewards i would like from anniversary:
    1. Any free ninja from daily login rewards similar to Myobuku trial (We may still get free ninja from login rewards but i highly doubt so)
    2. Anniversary clothing with 0 stat increase and just cosmetic purpose (it's the thought that counts).
    3. Maybe throw in limited recruitment event where we may get 1 limited point for clearing instances which synergize with ramen event.
The clothing idea I had was a 5% bonus to gold coin gain
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