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[ Events ] Events - 20th July


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Dear Ninjas! We would like to thank you all for your support! Below you can check this week's coming updates, which will be coming on 07/20/17! Please, have a look below to check the new events! Weekly Strong Ninjas Details: a) A specific icon was created for this event: “Naruto’s Froggy”. You can find this icon near to other icons such as “Ranked Battle” and “Ultimate Training” b) Use Ingots to make a deposit and get an immediate rebate in Coupons. Claim daily items every day during 6 days! c) Players can make deposits into different Froggies! The more Ingots a player deposits, the better the obtainable rewards from Froggies! d) Rewards will expire if not claimed on time! Claim your Coupons in the first day, Coupons cannot be claimed on the second day of the event!

e) Beware that after after depositing this amount in Ingots, the Ingots you "deposited" will not be returned back to you. Rewards for "deposits" in Naruto's Froggy go as follows:
1st Day - Immediate Rebate in Coupons; 2nd-7th Day - Claim the Items Listed Below the Froggy you Deposited Ingots Into
6. "Call for Duty" NEW event added. Call all your old friends to come back to Naruto Online! Free rewards await all of you! Thank you for support! Event Period: After July 20th maintenance Requirements: Players must reach Level 50 in order to participate.

Remarks: a) A specific icon was created for this event: “Consumption Wheel”. You can find this icon near to other icons such as “Strong Approaching”, “Benefit Hall” b) This is a Cross-Server event. c) A Free Draw is available every day! d) Each time you Draw 1 Time, 20 Ingots will be spent. Each time you Draw 10 Times, 200 Ingots will be spent. Prizes in the wheel such as “Coupons 5%” and “Coupons 3%” will be deducted from the total Coupons in the Prize Pool. e) Each time you consume Ingots to draw from the wheel, 25% of the Coupons you spend will be added to the Prize Pool. f) A ranking of the total Ingots consumed by each ninja is displayed on the event's interface. Players who enter the Top 20 of the event will receive rewards in accordance to their Ranking. g) When the event ends, the rewards will be sent to your mailbox. h) 1st Prize: 20% of the Coupons left in the Prize Pool; 2nd Prize: 18% of the Coupons left in the Prize Pool; 3rd Prize: 15% of the Coupons left in the Prize Pool; 4th Prize: 12% of the Coupons left in the Prize Pool; 5th Prize: 10% of the Coupons left in the Prize Pool; 6th-10th Prize: 5% of the Coupons left in the Prize Pool; 11th-20th Prize: Limited Purification Pack*1 14. "Limited Recruitment" event added. It acts like a rebate event for Seal Scrolls! By spending "Seal Scroll", players will be able to claim free "Seal Scroll (lasts 7days)"! Event Period: July 20th –July 26th Requirements: Players must have reached Level 20 in order to participate. a) Players must reach Level 43 in order to buy: Limited Common Thread Pack, Medium Thread Pack, Advanced Thread Pack, Common Cloth Pack, Medium Cloth Pack, Advanced Cloth Pack. Available from July 20th to July 22nd b)Player can buy Monthly Gift Box. Available from July 20th to July 31st 16. Last, but not least, "Water Gun", "Ichiraku's Ramen" obtained for this week's events need to be spent this week, once the events end, the "Water Gun", "Ichiraku's Ramen" you didn't spend will reset to 0. Remember to use them in time! Remark: The deadline of the New Server Events and Weekly Events are set according to the players' local time (computer's time), it is not in accordance to the server's time. Daily Missions and Daily Recharge event (event in which you can get a 4-Stars Gaara if recharging for 5 days) are all refreshed at 5:00 (server's time). Don't miss out! Naruto Online Operation Team
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yeah i like that!
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SECOND .................:D
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I took too long to write lol
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*sign* Really this our gift? Recharge event, ingots only and invite event? I had high hopes. Guess there always next year.
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on the first page!!!
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No charm rebate this week. Weird, I was expecting it.
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nice nice:)
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Awesome events!
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i think we are gonna get the free costume on like cn
but this is a great event
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nice, i only really like the arena training one tho
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Looking nice, though I am really suprised there is no charms and refine rebates.
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No celebration from u oas sorry ;P
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yes at last we now have han!
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Jin II packs... i wonder if it's good...
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With only aniversary and water gun rewards left to see, it's like you guys dont want f2p to play this game or something
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If this was a normal week i would be ok with it. 2-3 f2p events and a majority of p2p or p2w, as usual but otherwise ok.

But for the 1 year anniversary? * that is bad. And you guys know its bad. Feel kind of sorry for the mods who have to defend anniversary events.
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I did not expect jinjuriki 2 this early. I was hoping that it would come with 3.0. And with seal rebate. That was a small surprise
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