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[ Strategy Share ] The Final Trial


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Help me instance ''The Final Trial'' blue seal... 6 pains are too strong i have 32k power and i want to pass.... Help me with my lightning main please? I have only dog of hell and giant katsuyo for gold summons...
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In the top left of your game screen, you should be able to see a red box with the words 'Power Up'. Click it, and raise your bp before trying again!

A lot of the blue circles are very hard to beat unless you're above average bp. Good luck!
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Forget about pass that instance with 3 shirukens you won't be able to do that.
I did when I arrived to 45k power.
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First, we don't know your ninja list, 2nd I doubt you can beat it at 32k, probably at 45k but not 32k.
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