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[ Help ] Cursed Hidan


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Around how many coupons will I need for him and whats the best event to get him in?

Is it also worth getting him as a FTP? I have 35k power at 77 so I'm doing good but would it be worth missing out on the power that I can gain with the coupons?
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I personally recommend saving your coupons for events that would allow you to obtain more power through rebate. Cursed Hidan is very nice for sure, but it does cost quite a bit, normally around 16k coupons.

If you do need him in a team then you could go for it, but for the amount of coupons you need, you are better off using it for power! Always go for rebates!

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If you have the ninjas required to be with him, sure, why not? but if you don't, then focus for power, rather than Hidan.
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Hes alot of coupons, what's the whole point wasting on one ninja that cost about 16k, then losing to someone with higher power. You should go for power :).
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Yeap, go for power first. You need other support ninjas to carry him (e.g. Danzo). I rushed to get him early, but I couldn't really use him effectively until I raised my BP and initiative significantly higher. I saved up to get him over a couple of events, and spent a minimal amount of ingots (100-200?) at the end to finish getting him. However, once you have him, it's great fun to run him with other ninjas like Bee/Roshi, etc.
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You can gather some fragments in events to slowly get him over time. You may loose some refine runes or cave keys this way but you get closer to cursed hidan every event he is in.
As mentioned before, I wouldn't go for Cursed Hidan directly by spending ingots / coupons since he is very expensive.
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