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[ Lineup ] Need Help With Tobirama Lineup


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Ok so I got Tobirama some days ago and I`ve been trying to find a good combo with him, but, nothing I find works...Not like it`s something new.
I used him with Kinkaku and GNW Sakura but it doesnt really work out well....
I would like to ask for help and I hope someone can help me, I`ll post down my ninjas and summons.
I like water main but, it can be with any other main. I really want to start using him.

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  • Ṛik On 2017-07-16 07:18:06
  • Yo,
    maybe try this one but with GNW Sakura.

    + Monkey King
    Eish.. well, for GNW Sakura you'd need Gamaken for that team to kinda work + Shark Bomb mystery
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I tried it in arena for some time and it works pretty good.
I guess it`s better with Sailor Sakura tho ?
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