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[ Events ] Myoboku Trial: how to get perfect score


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Im making this thread tu summarize other threads from this event and most of all, if you were like me and felt that this event was hard to get a perfect score, to explain how to do so.

The mini game

First its actually easy to get 60 coupons from this event, so everyone can get them if the know what to do. If you are more of a visual person Here is a video from Dragonfire14 which also explains the minigame and how to beat it

First position your hammer to the right or left of the tile you want to remove. Then wait for the cursor to get to the yellow area and click. There are 2 possibile outcomes:

1 - You hit it on the sweet spot and the tile flew of, no you just need to do the same for the next one. Note that the yellow zone is smaller each time you succeed in removing a tile.

2.- You missed and the tile is now missaligned from the others, but it is still there.

In the second scenario you have to move the hammer usnig your mouse to the opposite side from where you tried to remove the tile. If you were on the right of the tile, you move left. If you were on the left you move to the right. Then try again. If you fail again the tile will actually re align itself a bit with the others and you will not loose. If you succeed you go to the next tile as if nothing happened. Always hit in order to re align the tiles in case of failure.

Please note that the game is server based, so if you have lag you need to take that into account when you hit! However as long as you keep hitting the opposite side to the missaligned tile you can not loose. I failed 4 times in a row before succeeding on a tile and managed to get a perfect score nonetheless.

The perfect score rewards are always the same and are shown in this post: ... 1758&extra=page%3D1

The offering wheel

According to this thread: ... &tid=21754#lastpost , the wheel of offering gives from the first spin either the lvl 2 magatamas, tactics x10 or charms x3. If you are very lucky you can get something better but doesnt seem very plausible at the moment.

The value of tactics x10 is 250 coupons (can only get them from the shop)
The value of the charms is around 300 coupons
The value of the lvl 2 magatamas is much lower since you can farm them easily from jinchuurilki and other events (no idea how to quantify that).

All in all if you are not saving coupons for something specific it is worth it to spin once every day. It seems you have a higher chance to get one of the 2, charms or tactics than getting the lvl 2 rainbow magatamas. So it could be worth the risk. Going for the 300 spin is not worth it for f2p or casual spenders imo.

Lee frags

Free stuff, everybody likes that.

I already did my myoboku trail minigame today so cant add screenshots, but if this post is helpful i can add them tomorrow for more clarity.


Edit: added image and Dragonfire14 video link
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You only get one of the tactics page x10, i edited it to 250 thx ^^
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