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[ Lineup ] Redux Emperess Build


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With the release of GNW Sakura, I felt that it is a good idea to see where she would belong. And what do you know, she fits perfectly into the Wind Main's Emperess Build without having to change a single thing.

GNW Sakura fits nicely in Karin's spot and provides even better healing thanks to her mystery and can last a tad bit longer thanks to her reserve seal passive. Also, with barely any cultivation, at two stars, and blue+2 level awakening, she is pretty good, doing about 900+ per heal and attack.

I am not sure how this build fairs against the Water Main meta teams with Sage Naruto, Mei, Mabui, and GNW Tenten, but I can a sure you that I took down one guy with 43k~44k power (I had around 38k power) who was running Sage Naruto, GNW Tenten, Darui, and Lightning Main. Needless to say, I have confidence that this redux is what will probably bring this old school classic some revival.

Needless to say, by the graphics below, GNW Sakura is definitely not only good, but makes the Empress Build even better in the process with her knack for healing.

On a side note, I used GNW Sai in this set up and test run becuase I needed a bit more control due to my Kurenai being rather weak...

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