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[ Bugs ] Sage "Kill" *on


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So I was in sage and decided to attack someone via the blue kill *on. However, when I tried to nothing happened. I even tried to attack another person and same thing happened. I'm not sure if its just the lag on the system but it must have been a long lag since I went back and forth between the two persons until I gave up using the kill *on.

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I don't even see mine lol
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happens to me every time. It's pretty annoying.
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Honestly that kill *on should be removed completely so people cant choose who to attack in SWB
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it appears after a killstreak of 3, but ya it shouldnt be there. nor should the list be, people then just target the same person over and over
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I appreciate your thoughts about the kill *on but it doesn't have to do with anything about the topic about not working.
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Did someone disconnect on you, did you disconnect or leave and re-enter the battlefield? I had this rarely happen under those cir*stances, however, all before SWB became cross-server.
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That kind of things would happens if you or your enemy having bad connection

But, aside from this topic, I think they need to remove it since most player can keep targeting the same person who is weaker, thus giving the stronger player more points without working hard
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