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[ Bugs ] Guys, what with the mini-client?


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For the last 3 weeks or so, my mini-client has been quite buggy.

- Loading time for Survival/Team Instance/Strong Approach/Rank/Wanted/Sealed/Rescue increases significantly, at time surpassing 50 seconds whereas before it loaded almost instantly. On browser this works just fine.

- Disconnected when playing Sage. In every fight I'd disconnected at 99% loading, even when my loading time hasn't exceeded 20 seconds yet. Before i chalked it up to my connection, until today after being disconnected twice, i switched to browser and it works flawlessly.

- There's a delay if you open two tabs at once, sometimes causing me to be disconnected if I do not switch between the 2 tabs stimutaneously. Say if I auto Ti on one tab and go for Survival Trial on another, if I dont switch back to the Ti tab fast enough, i'll be disconnected. This does not happen before the last 2 or 3 weeks; I could manage two tabs at once without fear of being disconnected for the lags.

I have cleaned cache, un- and re-installed my client and have my virus scanner looked over my laptop. The problem persists however. My internet works just fine.

Should I downgrade to a previous version of the client?

Thank you.
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