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[ Suggestions ] Idea for an item that NEEDS to go into the game and will equal $$$ for OAS


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I had this idea a while back when battle armor first appeared in the game that if they made a clothing item available for purchase that I and many many others would buy it...

An Akatsuki Cloak

It wouldn't even need to give power or anything, even if it was JUST a visual item that accentuates your main character I would purchase it in a heart beat. I've always thought the cloak was the best clothing item in the franchise and I am sure that many agree with me and would purchase this item and I really hope that you pass this along and that the developers consider adding it into the game.

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Oh yes, something like that would be cool <:3_59:>
Akatsuki taking over the ninja world- version 2.0
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That be nice also getting other stuff to customize chars be awesome like stuff to change eyes to any type of the special eyes in Naruto,diff type of hairs etc and HV each diff one gv some type of boast.
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It makes you instantly become Akatsuki type ninja. That way you can get a shield from Konan. :D
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An akatsuki cloak? IM IN :-)
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The amount of Hype behind this idea is real. PLEASE, MAKE THIS HAPPEN!
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Hi there,

* there is a lot of hype for this XD I'll let our team know about it, sounds fun ;)
Thanks for the feedback ^^
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