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[ Lineup ] Azure Fang line up, need help


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Any idea for decent line up? Im losing in pvp a lot, even vs people with less power. Tbh I don't like water main so far :| halp
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mate you have to upgrade your heroes for your main use kokos,naruto,sasuke,sakura but sakura from ninja war if you have her next try kakshi gaara sasuke and kokos, you can try diffrent line ups just upgrade them alot
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At your level, the lineups probably doesn't matter as much, so *ing to some kabuto hinata and sasuke lineup would work until you unlock more ninjas. You can try Kimimaro, Gaara and kabuto for a Poison Tai team if you have that talent unlocked - can't really remember when those stuff are available. Can do double heal with kabuto and your water main.
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i 2nd that, go for kabuto, kimimaro and sakura, raise your battle power and work on your ninjas. once you get the good ninjas and get to higher levels, you will start winning
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if u had other ninjas you can try this....
BASIC LINEUP FOR ALL MAIN ( Earth, Fire, Ligthning,Water and Wind )
(Source: Naruto Online Forum)
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