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[ Lineup ] Lineup for any Main.


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So I'm kinda of clueless in this game and have no idea in how to make a team composition.
Atm i'm LM but I wouldn't mind switching to another main, all advices are welcome.

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2# have tobirama and 5th, just build your team around them.
Too bad you dont have an autobarrier ninja, but you could try water main shark bomb chaos for r2 initiation,
Probably last ninja = Ao for all round versatility if chases work
Problem is lack of a real tank without having a barrier answer, might be risky, in which case you might want to consider kimi/water clone to let you survive longer.
Hinata might be a consideration if you keep facing too many blitz teams, and chase acu doesnt hurt as well.
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BASIC LINEUP FOR ALL MAIN ( Earth, Fire, Ligthning,Water and Wind )
(Source: Naruto Online Forum)
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