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[ Ninja Exam ] Stuck on Ninja Exam 115


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So currently I'm stuck on Ninja Exam 115, most water MC guides use Mei but since she is not a free character, I don't have access to her. I did find one guide where SN is the only requirement and luckily I do have SN but I have been unable to beat the exam.

The problem is, despite having 1k more power than the team in the video had (39k VS my 40k power) the team in the Video had a total Health Pool of 49k vs my 40k total HP, so I can only assume that is where the problem lies.

Since I'm apparently not durable enough, has anyone seen or used other strategies for 115, I am a free player so the Ninjas I have access to are rather limited, but it would be nice to try and work towards beating exam 120 before I reach level 70.

Any help would be appreciated.

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when i passed this floor ,i was fire main, there is a video below, i hope it could give you some reference.
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Can say that at the current setup you mention for 3.0 with Mei, AO Sage Naruto and Water Main @ level 83 with 39k power, its not possible.

Initiated adjvantage Killed by two mysteries in a row and the team has nothing to attack with until round 2 but they strike first.

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I used Will of D.'s line up for that one

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Mei, theoretically, is a free ninja, but requires some luck to be pulled, like danzo or any other kage rares. About how to deal with this exam, bring a super armor ninja and put it in front of sage naruto, gaara for example, and keep jikogudo under chaos. Gaara, iruka, sage naruto lineup for example would work imho with 32322, dog talents.

For example:

sage naruto iruka x

azure fang gaara x

X x x

Round1: You let jiraya kill naruto clone, naruto hits gaara, your naruto summons again the clone and your main heals gaara.

round2: you interrupt jiraya or naruto, depending on who moves first with iruka mystery and you start with naruto a combo on jigokudo to chaos it and to spread poison, or to bd if bd have dance of impetus, i don't remember what mystery have, and you heal if needed.

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