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[ Lineup ] lvl 70 Azure fang formation


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Can any1 help me with a new Azure Fang formation? I can't find a good team with her so I would appreciate any help. Thanks

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Unfortunately, without some of the water ninjas that make this class OP (tenten gnw, sailor sakura) you will probably run some mismash of a lineup consisting of the best quality ninjas in your current roster.

At first glance, the workable ninjas there would be Kimi/Kiba GNW for frontline tanks, Kank GNW for backline dpser. Optional personal preference to run neji GNW or hinata for the chase acu and mystery utility that comes with him/her.
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kabuto snake cloat, kim save up for hidan and your good to go
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You might as well wish to have Mei, Chojuro or GNW Tenten, only best water nukes, if you want to play Azure. Unless you want to play your main as nuke with high crit from shark bomb.

You can run the oldie, ie Sasuke, Kankuro or Tobi and Hinata. But this won't much effective to mid-late game, considering you're level 70.

GNW Tenten, you can hope to get her from Reanimated Treasure, she's pretty common as 2 stars.

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Azure Fang simple Basic Lineup but effective
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