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This suggestion basically acts as a small gesture to recognise players when their suggestions and feedbacks are accepted and implemented into the game by the developers as a new feature. For example, the ability to switch summons when opening up the talents page at the side.

This recognition is simply done by giving a 'shoutout' to the player who gave the suggestion, and possibly linking the original post when the new feature is mentioned under the News section. With 3.0 coming out, it could also be used to show any recognition if any player-made suggestions are made into the new version. (Although 3.0 most likely would follow the updates by other versions of the game)

"1) New feature "Summon Change" added!

~ Desciption~

This feature was suggested by Chris P. Bacon: *link to suggestion*"

It allows the community to have a sense of involvement into influencing the decision-making aspect of the game (*coughs* Not gonna make a jab at anything ;P *coughs* - totally did) and feel closer to the developers and moderators of the game. It can show that the developers are indeed listening to the community for any possibe suggestions towards improving the game. This could be a possibly important aspect at retaining the player base, not too sure about that. It doesn't take much to do but would possibly mean a lot to the players. Hope the developers would take this into consideration when these occurences do appear.

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Hey there,

I forwarded it to be looked into, thanks for the suggestion ;)
It sounds really cool, I wouldn't mind it being added ;p We'll see how it goes though, it's not up to me after all XD
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They do claim to do have a close working relationship with the developers of the game. Not sure how far that goes, but hopefully far enough for all the suggestions collected by Qolem (apparently) to reach them for careful considerations.
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The problem is still the same... they can't change things inside the game since they're just a publisher, they could just do some temporary tweaks (like flat or % stats in the talent page)to what they think will make the upgrade more interesting to buyers.
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this is a great idea. It will also encourage more people to suggest something helpful :)
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+1 from me :)
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Indeed this seems a terrific suggestion. It makes it feel like they ARE listening.
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