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[ Strong Approaching ] Arrival of the Raikage as Wind Main


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The lineup i was using is:

Kabuto Naruto(Sage) X
WM Gaara(Kage) X

Talent: 3 4 4 3 3
Summon: Serpent or Snake

1. round: Use Kabuto mystery
2. round: don't use anything
3. round: you finished the first battle and move on to 2nd and could have enough chakra for gaara, otherwise use naruto. Focus Cee
4. round: Use Sage Naruto on Cee and you should have finished this round too
5. round: Use Gaara on the original Darui
6. round: Use Sage Naruto on the Clone with the most HP left
7. round: now comes the tricky round, because raikage is most likely to oneshot 1 of your ninjas! If you're lucky he hits a clone. Use Gaara on Onoki and use Main mystery. Use Sage Naruto too.
8. round: Use Gaara on Bee this time and the fight should be over soon.

Try to use Kabuto always when his mystery is up except in the last fight. Damage should be priority.
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