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[ Lineup ] Someone Help Me Make A Team for Midnight Blade?


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  • For battle power ok a good team would be your hinta kabuto and orchimaru because every clone the kabuto will summon if your orchimaru dies he'll take the life of the the clone and revive almost like he is imortal your talents are good and get your most power full sommons but you summon shark
This line up is good for ranked and if you use Orochimaru Konoha's traitor, not the sanin one
In general the point of midnight blade is to do tons of dmg and to win at 3-4 turn max - not to win due fatigue at 10th turn.

I would suggest something like that for "everyday use". That's maybe the moust common and mouset annoying lighning team atm.

And here the chase combinations with this party:

For Nine Tails/Summon switch Kabuto with Sasuke. May use Kimimaro as well sincec he's lightning or may replace him with some other swordsman - depends on what passive skill will you prefere - killing intentions or enhancement. (personally I prefer Kisame or Asuma because they give you some extra chakra)

Well - hope I was a bit helpfull to you good sir - have a great day
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