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[ Help ] How to 3-star Yugito...


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To be more exact, how to 3 star her without spending too much Seals? I only intended to pull until I get Roshi, so my chance to 3 star her from pulling dupes is very unlikely. Anyone with info from the CN or GE version? Does Yugito ever come in events like Killer Bee or Sage Naruto or do we have to wait until the scroll-thingy?

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I heard that she'll eventually be in the exchange shop, but idk if you can rely on that right now.
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That is very far into the future, it will probably be a year at least maybe even more!

I seriously doubt they will be so nice as to add her frags in an event any tie soon. With 300 scrolls you should be good to 3* though
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I pulled Yugito 3 times in 150 scrolls, so I imagine 3 star would be close or over 300 scrolls.
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Yugito is the most common of all Jin. I got her twice, even my first 10. So now I have her at 2 stars and 10 frags. I don't think she would be that difficult to have her at 3 stars if you're willing to go for her.
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Well, thanks guys. I just need to know that there are alternatives to 3 star her without *ing up all my seals.

It's good to know that she's a common drop also. :)
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