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[ Help ] Why does Susanoo Sasuke wear an Akatsuki cloak?


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I always wondered why susanoo sasuke has the akatsuki cloak because he shouldn't. In the source material Sasuke only had the Akatsuki cloak for the fight with bee and Sasuke had not yet figured out his susanoo at that point. He could only use Amaterasu and Kagutsuchi and by the time of the five kage summit he was wearing a generic cloak. I was curious what everyone else thought of this.

(In my opinion they just wanted to make this version of sasuke look cooler and capitalize on how much people like him in that cloak in an effort to get them to spend the money on him)

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Team Taka?
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He activated his Susanoo with his hatred towards Konoha as soon as he learnt about Itachi's mission from Tobi (Obito). Therefore he's still part of Akatsuki when he first had Susanoo. But it wasn't at full power.
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Perhaps they'll save Taka for a new Sasuke(ShaRinnegan perhaps)
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I was thinking about that too but idc
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he was a member of akatsuki (team taka ) when he awakened his susano'o after killing itachi:)
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