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[ Bugs ] Five Kage Conference Temari (Power of Wind Passive)


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Normally when a passive buff happens it'll show it on the left side of the screen. But for some reason this specific temari's buff isn't showing up. It also doesn't seem to be increasing anyones ninjutsu if it is working without showing up. I don't know if this is a mistake, but I've had this issue since she was first released. I included a screenshot of the buff on the ninja's tab, as well as in battle with it not appearing.
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I think that passive is more like Anbu tactics for LM.. this is what i'd call a "Real" passive, others passives works more like buffs
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Hi there,

Thanks for the report, I'll pass it on to be looked into :)
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Is not a bug, it's just the translation wrong. Temari, like chojuro or cee or other similar ninja that have this kind of description doesn't buff others but gets buffed by others. It's a well reknown translation error reported tens of times but they always say they'll report it but we never see those tooltips updated with the new and correct translation. Edit: the tooltip should saysomething like this: "ninjutsu of this unit increases by 12% for each wind attribute unit in your lineup".
Try her in arena with normal naruto, multi shadow clone jutsu and another wind ninja and you'll see it works this way. This post was last edited by ayr*** at 2017-6-13 16:21
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