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[ Bugs ] Matsuri Timeout


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So I'm in Matsuri and I'm fighting an opponent and sometimes I face opponents and they disconnect. This is an quite normal in pvp.

However, on June 9/June 12, I had several instances where the fight was aboarded right before the match started and instances where I had to refresh matches because I thought the other person disconnect. There were no changes relating to internet connection occured compared to previous Matsuri dates.
Let me know if this is an server issue or an issue on my end (which I can't figure out).

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My apologies for the delayed response. Concerning this issue, it is most likely it's an issue with either your, or your opponent's connection. Please let me know, by "before the match started" you mean, battle opened, but before passives applied, or before the battle has even loaded properly?

Also, if you meet those issues again on Friday's Matsuri, please try to get screenshots of the error messages, and when they occur :)

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