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You are merging 198, 202 and 206 despite there being all in all ONLY TWO requests from 206 for merge in entire 28 pages of the previous merge requests thread. But you are completely ignoring all the servers that requested merge repeatedly and with a reason.
S202 didn't need a merge and more importantly, DIDN'T WANT IT, because we knew you can't properly get appropriate power levels to match.
*cough* As we can see in X-server Matsuri and SWB *cough*
Now, A LOT of people from 202 are considering quitting because of this, seeing how unbalanced GNW will be, the only event we had left that was fun, because we didn't have to deal with p2w players of other servers
*cough* Like in X-server Matsuri and SWB *cough*

It's exactly the same as every other time... You want us to voice our opinions in some poll, thread, whatever... And then proceed to do it your own way anyway.
Great job, continue doing what you are doing. *slow clap*

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We didn't want to get merged with s291 neither, but happened. There's nothing you can do about it, sadly. Just hope you don't get a big mess like happened to us.
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We take into consideration a lot of factors and are trying to find best matches to specific servers.
Your server was one of the best matches, otherwise it wouldn't be selected.

Have a nice day :)
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