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[ Strong Approaching ] Lineup for wind main SA hard


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This the lineup i use for SA hard solo with 27kpower level 77

Skills-32131 summon-rihno
Round 1
your clones will take all damage in
Round 2
use temeri on ninja in back
Don't use anyone they will with standreds
Round 4 mains
Target light main with temeri don't use gara if you life will be low use use sakura
Round 4
target fire main with gara and use main's dance of imputes gara will kill light,earth and wind if not they will die by standreds don't use temeri
Round 5 team mizukage
target chojoro with gara don't use temeri use sakura too
Round 6
target mei with temeri
Round 7
Target yagura with temeri and use dance of imputes you will be fast enough to stop yagura use sakura if your health will get low when yugito and yagura will attack you
Round 8
target roshi use temeri and gara they all will die in this round if not target yugito with your temeri and finish them off in next round
Hope it will help you all :)

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