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[ Ninja Exam ] NE 132 help?


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I haven't been able to find a guide surrounding this ninja exam, not sure if I'm the only one having difficulty on this exam. x_x

The damage done within the first two rounds always leaves my ninjas close to being dead. Tried to interrupt Sasuke with Iruka but have never been able to do enough damage to them to win. Hopefully can get some help as to how people have tackled this exam. Can post my ninjas upon request.
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i used the same strategy as the wind, but with water and worked quite well for 55k power

sage naruto - iruka - sage naruto clone
water main - gaara - x
x - x - x
main set on healing, chakra blade chase, neurotoxin and poison

in the first round use gaara to remove the barrier of danzo
in second round iruka interrupt sasuke, and when naruto gain chakra use rasengan on danzo and main heal if gaara gets chaosed by fu
in third round gaara on main, and then the poison should do the trick
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I'm struggling here too right now, doesn't seem possible to beat it for water main with my power. I've got a lineup that can beat it but i think i miss 3-4k power for it to work.
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