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[ Lineup ] Team with Hanzo ?


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Hey im going to get enough frags for Hanzo tomorrow and im wondering is he good outside of ranked ? Was wondering what sort of teams people were using with him ?
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You c*e
summon-kirin or deer
you c*e this lineup with fire main too
skills will be-24231 you c*e fire ball jutsu too in mystery
same summon
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I dont have mei t*ikage or danzo sadly but thanks. I got a nice blitz with chojuro and darui with water main but its kinda soft. This post was last edited by Belerephon at 2017-5-26 09:08
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Hanzo is pretty versatile and works well with the earth main. The earth main shields while hanzo clears debuffs that earth mains are weak to. I know that you don't have the tsuchikage but I use hanzo with akatsuchi, Onoki, and earth main. I use talents 24412 with illusion crow summon. This team can immobile every turn thanks to earth main and Onoki talent having 2 round cooldown. Just an outline to show what type of teams that work with him.
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