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I'm aware this should be posted elsewhere in the forums, but I think my server needs a special request here. I've requested since around January, and it's been 5 months now.

I'm from S80, and our server is slowly dying because people keep quitting. Regardless of why they quit (I don't care about the beef at this point, seriously, please don't comment if you're going to say it's anyone's fault right now), our server's numbers are going down. I know what the requirements for a server merge are, and that our server still doesn't meet the requirements.

This is because our server has a few 'outliers' per se. The top 3 players are 90k, 76k and 70k bp respectively, and it's thanks to them and most of the top 20 players that our server can even continue on.

It's starting to get frustrating in Sage World Battlefields when you keep meeting the same 3 or 4 people, and then in the end having only 2 or 3 people left per area, our average total participants is around 24 - 30 (varies every time we have the event) and this includes alts. The only reason we even have SWB is because of the alts and some people who register and leave the battlefield early.

Again, events such as 9 tails, we only have 19 people participating when I checked today, and the only reason why it's dead is because of again, the top few players.
Events like Great Ninja War are getting boring too, honestly, my server has 4 groups participating in war, including mine, and my group hasn't lost a single war for the past few months. Probably because a huge majority of the top 10 is in my group, and none of us are interested in moving because of the way I distribute the packs. (And no, I'm not calling the other groups weak or not saying they're not a challenge)

I understand it's hard to match my server with any other server, considering all the above facts, and that the server merged with ours won't be too happy, but it's pretty unfair seeing all the other servers getting matched up and wondering whether our turn will come before everyone else quits.

And no, I don't think the proper solution is a cross server SWB, that doesn't solve the problem fully, it's getting boring for many of my friends, and one of my friends, a top spender, quit because of this too.

I seriously hope you'll consider this every time I bring up the merge from now on, or give us some sort of feedback on this (for example, your server's average bp is too high, or that we actually have to boycott events to get this to happen). We don't want to boycott events because we have no confirmation that we'll get a merge just because we stop going for them, although I think most of us will be willing to do it to actually see a server merge happen.

Thanks a lot for reading this, again, please consider this for my server, I love the players left and really don't want to see any more of them go.
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