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[ Suggestions ] Wind main skill


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When will the wind main skill get revise again where her 4th skill dont * off the debuff? As for now since the blind passive only work for 3 male ninjas, and currently most of the blade team using 4 male ninjas. Since there is a chance where the blind dont apply on the lightning main, the only choice is to use the 4th skill to remove the lightning main buff. But then it will also remove the blind status of other ninjas. It is kind of weird for the skill and the passive to work together.
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Imho it should be changed to something less useless and that lasts longer, something like every character in your lineup/team that is on front row gets something like minato/iruka passive about avoiding hits for the first three rounds, or, the first standard attack every round gets avoided by default and that unit suffers blindness for 1 round. I mean, to select it you have to give up on 3 others very good passives, if that one isn't as good as the others or at least more lineup situational like queen momentum then is *most useless option. Another passive that should be absolutely changed in something less useless is also level 75 talent. Ok, is an aura, so theoretically in gnw, ranked should be good, but is too limitating, overall thinking about the fact to select it you have to give up on wind enhancement, the +40%nin/resistance or flower barrier. Make it something like 10% of the bd hp to everyone in the team every time somebody gains chakra up to 3 times per round.
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