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Trying to plunder as usual, but today there was a SS convoy where me and my group member clicked on the same person at same time, instead of showing this player being plundered, the system gave me another player with S convoy. What was actually happen?
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what do u think?
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It has happened to me as well. Trying to click an SS mission quickly. However, it's accidental. As the SS mission is quickly taken, prior to the announcement, Basically you've clicked an S mission while someone else has already taken that SS mission.

Try to be careful and patient when hunting for those SS missions.
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The fastest APM and netspeed wins.

it also happened to me man, i feel you:Q
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The problem is if its taken, it should show the notice state the player is being plunder. The SS should not be gone if I didn't click refresh even there is someone plundering him.
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Sometimes is the speed you click refresh and immediately jump over to the Attack *on, but your last click on the refresh removed that SS and replaced with the S below it.

Common problem of a certain programmer btw. *Wink Wink*
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