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[ Updates ] Cat Quiz VS Nine Tails [Spoiler] Cat Quiz loses


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So having just done the Cat Quiz on my server and even coming first in the event, I would be hard pressed to say the rewards are worth it... actually they aren't if you need gold and exp.

So can we please NOT remove Nine Tails?
You're literally removing an event for a less profitable event, let's not do that in this day and age.

Leave Nine Tails be on Thursdays, I'd be super appreciative.

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I like the idea of the cat, but yesterday, as soon as i took a look at the rewards i skipped it and went to the fox I got there 900k coins and 450k exp by being 3rd. If i went to the cat i would have wasted 100k coins on a support ninja and maybe gained 40k exp and 20 coupons. So or you multiply by at least 5 times the rewards of the cat or you bring back the fox and you place the cat in another time span (why not on friday during first 20 minutes of matsuri or on a gnw day just between two rounds of it or immediately after? 90% of the servers have nothing to do on saturday after 20:50 since is big if they have two groups of comparable strength able to reach the 200 3-days activity required ) This post was last edited by ayr*** at 2017-5-12 15:50
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Unfortunately, the decision has been made regarding the new scheduling for Thursday.
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