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[ Bugs ] Is this a bug?? Position has no affect on who sets mystery first


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I want my water main's poison mystery to go first before haku (not edo haku so not passive) sets off her barrier. But this isnt possible as positioning or placement has no effect on who shoots off thier mystery first. I know it is an auto battle but i think that you should be able by postitioning and placement affect who's mystery should go first if you have two ninjas capable of using thier mystery.
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  • PraiseLuka On 2017-05-11 07:02:38
  • Some mystery have priority over others aside from position.
    Interrupt > others when there is something to interrupt
    High cost > low cost
    And, I believe, one of them is Barrier > non-barrier.
    I don't think I have ever seen a barrier to be not cast when possible except in the case of interrupt in the many obviously AI opponent's I've fought in survival. No hinata, no fire main, no kabuto, always the sasuke(being the most common)

    So it probably isn't a bug, thou it would be nice if we can set priorities ourselves.
I agree, i dont think it is fair that we can't setup which mystery goes first if there is two options. like ten2 always goes first if mei is on the playing field and they both have the mystery available to them --- not even initiative affects this.
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  • Zelgadis~ On 2017-05-11 15:23:37
  • This is not true. Mei comes first if you placed her on the field after tenten.
I will show you videos even in 9tails with all the different setup I have tried. I am not talking about her passive barrier i am talking about mystery
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  • Eplox On 2017-05-11 15:36:26
  • You can make the AI prioritize other mysteries before barriers. Hope this helps.

    Mystery casting priority:
    1. Interruption / Acupuncture. First CC ninja wiggled has highest priority
    2. Some mysteries has conditional prioritizing based on how many remaining enemies, such as Kazekage Gaara
    3. The last ninja wiggled has highest priority. (including barrier casters)
    4. Some mystery skills has lower priority, such as Hidan and Hinata.

    Mystery buffs:
    - Target ninja buffs (Gakido, Killer-bee, etc) will be applied to the first ninja in the wiggle order if everyone is at full health.

    Placement order for enemy interruption:
    - Enemy interrupt ninjas will always target the first in the wiggle order if multiple ninjas were to cast a mystery on same round
    - If you swap team or relog, wiggle order needs to be set up again for making this work.

    - The last wiggled auto-barrier will be the active one This post was last edited by Eplox at 2017-5-11 15:37
That still doesnt make it right for them to choose. I think that we should be able to set who sets off mysteries go first by positioning and placement just like how buffs and clones work.
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