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[ Bugs ] Matsuri is unbalanced to all hell


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So this is the "magnificent" balance we have in the cross server matsuri.

First fight, instant queue, 100k+ opponent, i have 52k

Second fight, 15 se3cs waitting, poor guy had under 25k

But we complain with no reason, it's "balanced", keep it like this and most of us will just stop doing the events, cause what is the * point.

Also why can't i pre-select Kazekage Gaara and Regular Gaara in the register? I know i can't use both at the same time in a fight, but i have a team for each, why can't we do it? Makes no sense.
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Agreed, it's pretty unbalanced.

My first fight today was completely imbalanced and out of my favor; the opponent completely outclassed me in power and level.

My second fight pit me against a player who was exactly my level and maybe 4-5k stronger than me. (despite it saying that I'd probably run into a lower-level player). I was actually able to win this one because the other guy's team was poorly positioned compared to mine, but that was just luck and the imbalance is still present.
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From the looks of this, You're ranting.
And this isn't the section for that.

As for your actual question about the pre-selective characters.
The system doesn't allow same character names. Matsuri/Survival have a structure that considers the selection as lineups for ninjas, which means the same ruling applies when selecting them.
It can be silly and it's understandable, but it's how it's coded.

Anyway, I'll relay your thoughts to the team.
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