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Couldn't find anything about this or maybe it wasn't stated clearly.

When you want to pull from a treasure to look for a certain super rare such as tendo, ay, susanoo sasuke, etc., do you need to have the amount needed of seal scrolls to pull and use it all at once OR the system will ac*ulate the amount needed over time (i.e. use 60 ss each day)??
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It ac*ulative. The system will automatically remember the number that have been pulled till date.
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interesting. i bettr start savin my seals then.:lol:lol:lol
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Question(and I'd like some evidence backing your claim or just a reason behind your knowledge of it):

Do free draws count towards rares and super rares?
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Yes they def do bc I got sage Naruto from a free draw:P
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Well I have some people claiming you can get a ninja on a free draw, but it's random. Therefore, doesn't count towards the normal rare threshold.
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nah it gives you as free draw after x ammount of draws (seal scrolls or free);free draws count...if they didn;t the sistem wouldn't give you rare ninjas for free ;P
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I think China has a counter. So soon it will come to us as well.
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alright cool, thanks for the info guys
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It's a counter similar to wish credits in refines. Free draws and scrolls both count to that counter. If you max out the counter, you get a rare. If you are lucky with rng and draw the rare early (something like 1% chance per scroll), the counter immediately reset to zero. So if you got lucky and got your rare at 40 scrolls, your next gauranteed rare will be at 100 scrolls; and not 60 or 120.

Edo is slightly different, in the sense that the counter is only 30 or 40.
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how do you check how many pulls you've done and how many pulls for a super rare
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  • how do you check how many pulls you've done and how many pulls for a super rare
At the moment, the only way for you to know the amount of pulls made is for you to count how many you used from the beginning of pulling from one treasure.

Another way is by guessing the amount via the number of rares you got from a treasure. Example: Let's say on average you pull 1 rare per 60 pulls. Just count the number of rares you pulled from the treasure and multiply it by 60.

Keep in mind you might overestimate but it sure beats actually recording every pull you made.
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