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[ Help ] Merging servers - the german way


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As I read the german forum I want to suggest to the english version staff an efficient way of managing the mergers.
At any point in time there are 15 to 20 new servers (not merged yet) and periodically they merge 3, 4 or 5 consecutive servers based on their numbers of active players. As an example they just opened server 140 and they are merging servers 122-125.

In my opinion in this way they eliminate the doubt of when and what servers will be merged next, they eliminate the doubts on the merging criteria subjectiveness and also eliminate all the drama and need of the merging posts in the news category.

Ofc, if applied for the english version, this model should be replicated 4 times for NY, LA, EU and HK. I really hope this will be followed also here.

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