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[ Bugs ] Kabuto Snake Cloak Not as advertised


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I just pulled for Snake kabuto today and was really happy when i got him. seemed like a good character to put on my GNW team. then i tested his mystery...

this is the discription:

lets look at that:
"Revives EVERY selected unit of your Team. THESE ninjas will have 10% of their life Points. will also have THEIR classification changed to Reanimated ninja."

When you read that, how many ninjas can he revive? Every unit in your team? sadly, no. Every, These and their directly imply that he revives the whole team (so in GNW, you should be able to resurrect one of the 3 teams). Despite that, he only revives one of the ninjas. So this is either a bug or very bad wording.

thats like when you would buy a ninja that said: Damages every selected unit in the opposing team" and he only damages one, thats purely misleading...

Also, lets talk about the 10% life thing. It would be a fine drawback if he really revived them all, but if he only revives one, he´s just a worse Chiyo or Pain Jigokudo in this regard (they revive with way more health). So something should be done about that.

I hope this gets fixed, i feel pretty ripped off right now (as is sadly a trend lately)

i also hope you guys have a good day though, just needed to get this out

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Revives every SELECTED unit, since you can only select 1 only 1 may be revived. but yeah its a weird way to state it rather than just saying Revives selected unit with 10% life. Their is possessive it can apply to singular or plural.
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It's a description error. As you only select one ninja due to game mechanics.
I apologize for the words. I'll let the team know to get it fixed right away.

Thank you for reporting it.
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