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[ Suggestions ] Cross-server Arena.


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Hi there, noticed that on arena it impossible to get to Six Paths if u're from server 300+. Everything is initiative, initiative is everything. And if u didn't reached Six Paths u r getting the lowest rewards. How is it fair? This needs to be resolved and fast.
1) Give rewards according to current rank, not depend on achieved Six Paths during season or not.
2) Cross-Arena with ~10 servers near you.

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Are months that me and other people are asking for something like that, their reply is always the same that basically is: 'pay 10000$ to get 11000+ initiative instant or wait 8-9 months if you are f2p or low casher to hope to be able to compete there'.
Btw: here is server 302, top 64 in our spacetime bracket (but i could have been top32 if i didn't get disconnected T_T), still no hope to even reach super kage in arena due to initiative. This post was last edited by 988***@uf16 at 2017-5-1 22:58 This post was last edited by 988***@uf16 at 2017-5-1 22:59
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I'll have to disagree about initiative being everything. There's quite a number of defensive teams to counteract faster players.

To answer your suggestions, unfortunately, the ruleset will remain as it is.
Also, cross-server functionality is meant to bring a vast number of servers to be able to match with each other. We wouldn't dumb it down. It would increase que times and that overall wouldn't make players happy.

I'm sorry that these aren't the answers you were hoping for, but hopefully, this brought some insight.
Try out new teams and keep trucking through to reach Six Paths!
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