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[ Events ] Can you still get gold stats on ninja tools?


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Yes yes, after the ninja tools nerfing update (the 20t April patch to be more exact), most ninja tools have their stats downgraded drastically, e.g. gold class would have purple and blue stats (blue stats on gold tools, really?), purple would have blue and green, etc. Still, there were times when you hit jackpot and * something with one or more gold stats on it. (The Red Gourd for example occasionally dropped gold stats). After this week update, things seem to change a bit however. Upon all the gold ninja tools I collected on 43k Ti from Thursday until Saturday, none has gold stats on it. Heck, even the gourd doesn't drop gold stats anymore.

Usually I would blame RNG rate being crappy, until I read this email:

The email refers to the maintainance on the 27th April - this week maintainance. Since the gold stats were previously refered to as "bugs" by plenty of people, I was kinda wondering if "fixing a bug" in the the email could mean they have completely eradicated the gold stats from TI's ninja tools? That would certainly explain why they don't pop up anymore.

This is just conjectural, of course. It was only 15 TI draws that I did, so it could actually be crappy RNG. So if you guys do manage to draw something with gold stat(s) on it, could you be so kind as to post a screen shot here. Would help a lot if you could specify how many TI you did for it to drop so that we could guess their rates; or to confirm that they are gone for good.

Or you know, so that we could save our Reforge Essenses for the full red TI instead of recklessly put them into our gold set?

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The TI Gold Stats still appear on the Red Gourd, but even so, they are terrible. Your best bet for reforming good stats are now actually the Rare Tool Essences, they so far give better stats than any of the current TI tools (which btw are here to stay, unfortunately).
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