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[ Lineup ] Edo Tensei Lineups


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With the release of the new treasure, (despite its... lack of popularity) there are now many more ninjas to mess around with.

I created this thread in mind for everyone to share lineups which uses the new edo ninjas, whether you met these lineups in arena or possibly use them yourself!
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  • Rinnekage On 2017-04-30 22:55:45
  • Summon gold or purple snake , you can replace danzo with darui, same skills.
I tried a similar lineup on arena, except that I used Kinkaku and Ginkaku instead of kimimaro.
Talents: 2 2 1 1 3 Summon: Rhino

Thoughts: Generally squishy but gives a nice control. Can consider using Darui instead, since Kinkaku's chases immobile. The double chase also removes any mirror, making it really useful - similar to Ningendo. Unable to try out Darui, but it might have troubles especially with RoW only benefiting 3 sword-ninjas.
Ginkaku's first turn immobile comes in useful, especially if the enemy can't remove the debuff for the first turn. Gives a nice advantage on round 2 if used right.
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Here's a lineup. Never again fear letting your opponent launch a single mystery with this lineup if you have higher initiative. Ranging from acupuncture, immobile to confusion, you name it, this lineup has it.

Ginkaku - Kisame - X
X - X - X
Ningendo - LM - X

Talents: 2 3 4 1 3 Summon: Dog of Hell

Advantage: If you like to control your opponents, satisfaction guaranteed. Kisame *s up chakra to prevent mysteries from being thrown later on by root team. Ningendo and Ginkaku both have prompt mysteries to immobilize your opponents. Rotate between LM's mystery and Kisame's mystery for a 9 combo which brings interruption to your opponent's mystery every turn.

Weakness: Need careful planning or you would be screwed over by heavy debuff teams. (*cough* immortal teams*) A little on the squishy side, which hopefully is negated by not letting your opponents attacking in the first place. Can only * the chakra / interrupt the mysteries of immunity teams.
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