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[ News ] Infringement of Naruto Games & Contents


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Dear Ninjas,

we have been collecting data on games that are using the "Naruto" trademark to benefit from it, without having any rights to use the Naruto trademark or any content related to it in their games. We ask you to help us fight this situation in order to protect "Naruto"'s copyrights. In order to protect Naruto and it's copyrights, we have recently started to investigate and report such situations. Please, provide the following information when reporting non-licensed Naruto based games :

- Name of the game
- Name of the fan page of the game (if possible)
- Official page of the company behind the game
- Official website of the game

Please attach as many screenshots and links that clearly show that this game is non-licensed and is using Naruto related content without any authorization.

You can send your report to
Each first player that will report to us different games will receive following reward - Summoning Scroll*1, Seal Scroll*1.

We appreciate all your help and support to the official Naruto Online game.

Naruto Online Operation Team

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