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[ Fanfiction ] To Erase, Or To Be Erased (11): Rated M(?)


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I swear I don't hate Sakura or Sasuke DX but you gotta have the rocky starts...

and I don't hate Kakashi either, but there's a lot of miscommunication between them :dizzy: well, you'll see what I'm talking about later

Chapter 10
I now see why the ANBU struggle with finding Naruto even though he roams around in an orange jumpsuit.
I don’t even know where to start!
I tried all of the usual places where Naruto hung out, but found no traces of person nor scroll.
And Naruto isn’t the type to think of an ingenious place to hide. Sorry, but it’s true. He’s not exactly the sharpest tool in the box.
I pause in my tracks, stopping myself from entering Naruto’s apartment.
What am I doing? If Naruto stole a scroll, wouldn’t he go to a place where it’s difficult to distinguish everything?
“Naruto! Give me the scroll!” I hear Iruka yell in the distance. “Quickly, before Mizuki comes!”
Mizuki? I quickly advance in that direction, running as fast as I can.
The form of my teacher running through the trees soon catches my eye. Before I can call out to him, however, Naruto appears and attacks Iruka.
I watch in surprise as ‘Iruka’ is replaced with Mizuki, who falls to the ground. “H-how did you know I wasn’t Iruka?”
Mizuki has this strange, cold look in his eyes that sends chills up spines.
Shivering, I stop in my tracks. I haven’t seen that kind of dangerous look for a long time.
But ‘Naruto’ just chuckles as his disguise disappears, revealing a tattered but satisfied Iruka. “I know I’m the real Iruka!”
Even from the distance between us, I can still detect the stench of fresh blood on Iruka.
It’s enough to make me want to faint.
I scramble away as quietly as I can, panicking.
I can barely breathe as I break into a run.
Was I supposed to remain there? Was I supposed to help Iruka somehow?
I couldn’t. I was a coward. Turned away by the mere whiff of blood.
What happened to me?
Years ago, people would always shed blood and tears in Kirigakure’s academy. At that time, blood would get my adrenaline running. I would wait in anticipation, secretly wondering if more blood would be shed before a teacher stepped in to break up the fight. Most of the time, bones were broken and parents ended up unhappy.
Those scenes were sort of an excitement for me, and to this day I’m not sure why.
Some would even call me bloodthirsty back then.
I’m broken out of my thoughts as I run smack-dab into one of the jonin hunting for Naruto.
“Hey! Watch it…” The jonin peers at me closely. “You! Did you find the mon--Naruto?”
Crud. What do I do?
Do I tell him, or not?
Will he try to help Iruka or hurt Naruto? Will he see the truth?
My mouth moves before I can stop it.
“What?” The man leans in closer. “What about Mizuki?”
“He wants the scroll.”
The jonin grabs the scruff of my jacket roughly. “What do you mean, he wants the scroll? Are you crazy?”
“It means exactly as it means,” I level a glare at the jonin. “Dimwit.”
Pulling away quickly, I run back into the forest. He calls after me, but I'm gone in a flash.
Who cares about the blood?
I should’ve stayed and tried to help.
What is I’m too late?
Those thoughts vanish as I look up to see several hundred Narutos.
What… the…?
They all leap up and descend onto one spot in the ground, launching a flurry of punches and kicks there. Screams of pain and agony resound from the middle.
Iruka watches the whole scene, shell-shocked. “…”
When all of the clones finally disappear, I finally see the form of Mizuki laying pitifully in the grass.
The small blood pool near Mizuki’s head doesn’t even make me flinch.
Instead, I want to laugh. At him.
So I let myself laugh quietly, not wanting to reveal myself. I bury my face into my hands, giggling like some mad idiot. Why in the world is this so entertaining all of a sudden?
Calming down slightly, I focus on Naruto and Iruka, who are embracing tightly all of a sudden.
My heart clenches as I see the shining new forehead protector wrapped around Naruto’s head.
Naruto’s going to become a genin after all.
“Naruto, why are you corrupting children?” I sigh, watching Naruto transform into a naked girl surrounded by clouds of mist. What is this madness?
“I HAVE to learn this!” Konohamaru protests, transforming into this… to put it lightly, girl that does not have Naruto’s approval whatsoever.
Naruto stomps his feet. “No! Make her thinner!”
“…What is the purpose of this?” I ask. “Why learn this particular jutsu? There’s many others that are more… conventional.”
“Is it because it worked on the old man?” Naruto sighs, sitting down next to me on a log. “Why do you want to beat him so much? He’s your grandfather.”
Konohamaru looks away spitefully. “I have to become the Hokage. So I can be seen… as my own person… It’s like I’m always living in Grandpa’s shadow.”
Wouldn’t that put any future children you might have in the same situation as you? I privately wonder.
Naruto shakes his head. “Being the Hokage isn’t a game played by kids! It’s a big title reserved for the strongest ninja in the village, idiot.”
He turns to Konohamaru and grins. “To even get close… you’d have to win against me!”
A new light seems to dawn on Konohamaru’s face.
How… childishly arrogant. But I smile anyway.
I don’t know why the memory of this conversation stuck with me through the years, but it did. Perhaps it was because Konohamaru was the first of many people that Naruto would eventually inspire hope and strength in. It was even more memorable than my first mission as an ANBU, which was to kill a pack of bloodthirsty wolves.

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As I plop down next to Naruto, one of our old classmates walks down to Naruto. “What’s a piece of crap like you here for? You didn’t pass the test, dumb—”
“Don’t block the way, will you?” A certain high-pitched voice cuts through his words.

Naruto immediately blushes at the sight of Haruno Sakura with her hands on her hips. While she’s to Naruto’s fancy, I personally would not willingly go within five feet of her.

Naruto starts fidgeting and grinning weirdly. I can read his thoughts even though I’m no mind reader.

The seemingly polite face Haruno puts up immediately shatters as she starts shrieking. “You too, Naruto! I wanna sit by Sasuke-kun! And you better move too!” Haruno points at me accusingly.
“Walk to the other side. Where did your legs go?" I reply coldly, not budging an inch.

Naruto sulks and stares at Uchiha Sasuke (or the guy with the duck hair). While he’s distracted, Haruno pushes him over and leaps over me (I had to cover my eyes to avoid seeing under her dress, the horror).

She squeals as she lands next to Sasuke, cuddling right up to him.

This irritates Naruto even more, making him leap onto the desk and have a stare-off with the Uchiha. I swear sparks fly as the glares cross.

The Uchiha’s club of fangirls stare at Naruto accusingly, yelling for ‘Sasuke-kun’ to beat him up.

That’s when something frighteningly hilarious happens.

This genin in front of Naruto accidentally nudges Naruto, making his lips meet the Uchiha’s.

I hear the sound of hearts breaking and souls crashing to the floor.

It’s glorious.

Well, it’s not so glorious when Haruno cracks her knuckles and threatens to beat Naruto up. Immediately, Naruto’s cheek is swollen.

I reach over and catch Haruno’s second punch before it lands. “You’re being the annoying one here.”

Before she can retort, Iruka walks in and begins announcing teams.

“Team 7 will be… Haruno Sakura…” Haruno fidgets nervously before slumping at the next name. “Uzumaki Naruto…” Naruto lets out a big cheer.

“Uchiha Sasuke…” This time, it’s Haruno that lets out a huge cheer.

Naruto slams his hands on the table in protest. “Why do I have to be on a team with that teme?!” He jabs a finger in the direction of Sasuke.

Iruka sighs. “…and Hatake Kyoma.”

Oh. I guess I’m on Naruto’s team after all…

“You do realize that your grades and Sasuke’s were polar opposites. He got the best out of our 28, and you got dead last,” Iruka reprimands Naruto. “It would be unfair to unbalance the teams.”

I hum in interest. Naruto somehow placed below me, when I didn’t even pay attention half the time. Then again, he’d usually be pulling pranks during class…

I glance at Naruto, who shoots me a bright grin. “At least you’re on my team too!” Then he shoots a death glare towards the Uchiha.

“You guys will meet your senseis in the afternoon, after your break is over.” Iruka finishes announcing, and everyone scurries out of the academy.


“Why in the world are you spying on the Uchiha while he’s eating?” I whisper to Naruto. “This is a bit unnerving…”

“Hush, I have a plan…” Naruto whispers back as he gets out a coil of rope.

I suddenly have a very bad feeling about this.

Naruto throws the rope around the Uchiha, successfully capturing one screaming individual.

Throwing the now gagged Uchiha into a storeroom, Naruto transforms into the Uchiha himself and runs off.

What the heck is he planning?

I stare at the Uchiha’s squirming body, debating whether to free him or not. Stepping out from the shadows, I start to speak. “You better get out soon. I have a feeling Naruto’s going to try something with Haruno.”

The Uchiha just glares and begins the process of freeing himself. “Mmmmmphhm.”

“Who knows,” I ramble on. “Naruto could be running around trying to pull off pranks… with your appearance.”

The Uchiha’s struggles grow more fervent. Slowly, the knots tied around him loosen.

The Uchiha wiggles out of the tight ropes. Next, he slowly rips off the tape over his mouth, wincing at the pain.

“Lead me to where Naruto is,” the Uchiha commands like some dictator. I sigh and jump out of the window, him chasing close behind.

Soon enough, we see the Haruno sitting on a stone bench. She immediately perks up at the sight of the Uchiha. Puckering her lips, Haruno steps closer to the Uchiha and waits expectantly.

The Uchiha gives the Haruno a disgusted look. “Where’s Naruto?”

The Haruno looks disappointed. “Why’re you talking about him? Who cares about that idiot?”

The Uchiha stops and turns to stare at Haruno.

“Naruto doesn’t have any parents to nag over him, so he just acts like a reckless idiot,” Haruno rambles. “What a priviledge. My parents would kill me if I ever—”

The Uchiha cuts in, and the words that come out of his mouth are some of the most insightful words I hear from him. “Being alone is worlds away from a parent scolding you.”

The Haruno gulps. “D-did I say something wrong, Sasuke-kun?”

He scowls in response. “Annoying.”


The word hits Haruno like a shock. She watches, unable to stop the Uchiha from walking away to look for Naruto.

She collapses down onto the bench, sighing. “Annoying…?”

I decided to speak to the Haruno. “Did you forget that Sasuke is an orphan too? Don’t you think he must miss his parents?”

The Haruno keeps quiet, but I can tell she’s listening.

“Don’t you think your parents scold you because they love you? They don’t want you to do things that might possibly be detrimental to your future. Naruto, the Uchiha, and I don’t have those people to care for us.”

“But don’t you have a parent?” Haruno asks, confused.

I shake my head. “Kakashi is not a parent. He was forced to adopt me,” I say, a cold tone seeping into my voice. “He’s hardly around, and he mostly doesn’t care about what I do. Just that I keep out of starting disputes that could look bad.”

I don’t know what makes me continue any further, but I do. “And if you think Kakashi has any sort of love for me… he doesn’t. I’m just another mission for him. The Hokage pays him more money to keep me in his household.”

I glare at the ground, walking away. And yet, I hope that Kakashi does care. Just a bit.

I can’t hope for any more than that.

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