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[ PVP ] Why not just remove Arena?


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As the title says, why dont you just remove arena? Only the top payers actualy got a chance to do it, the rest will lose, lose, lose, and i'm sorry but doing the same process with lets say max 2-5 wins per month as a non payer just isnt worth it... so i'd like you to remove it, or make a seperate non payer bracket where server and i mean SERVER actualy has a chance to participate and compete, not only the top 20 players per server... and yes que is above 3h.... or you get matched with a player who is as the top rank, regardless your current rank, in short you joined to lose. Any Gm's care to explain to me where did you left out the logic in pvp, and ofc how the heck didnt you adress this alredy?
*No Bs posts, that means if you got no clue how computer games function and what work you need to do in order to make one and so on, pls retain from posting, or you cant use logic while thinking and just mash out the first sentence that comes* Thank you

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Oh were you serious?

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Maybe because it's an integral part of the game?
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  • Gawerty On 2017-04-26 20:09:10
  • Maybe because it's an integral part of the game?
Who told you that btw? May i ask what do you do in RL, and how big is the knowledge regarding computer games? Pardon me but i can assume that you know close to 0. So no that statement is a lie.
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Honestly speaking i think he is perfectly right. Just remove the thing of the matching system based on our points and let us do matches against whoever is there totally randomly, that way yes, could be we get our ass kicked every time we meet somebody stronger but at least the winning streaks we get against weaker people would compensate for it and would let us reach higher tiers without investing billions in 1 single *ed stat, initiative, that is the ONLY thing that matters in pvp.
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I agree with you. I REALLY hate the arena. I always kept on losing. :/ I wish they'd do the matches better because I swear I always get pitted against someone clearly who is much stronger than me. :/
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oasis is just a publisher, they have no power to change the game
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lol i know plenty of f2p that get Sage of 6 paths in arena before the month ends, stop complaining when it's duable
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I'm top 5 on my space time cluster and rank 1 by far on my server and i can not get past Kage rank even if i queued every day for a year. it is simply impossible when you get queued against people who are 300 servers below you and have at least 5k more total initiative.

If arena was removed right now only the people who have been to sage six paths would miss it.
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it's only easy to sage of six paths when the server is new
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You had 60 days to reach 6 path
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I completely agree with you. Arena is just a waste of time, if they removed it. The only groups of people that would care are those who are high up in power.
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  • PainIsMyGame On 2017-04-26 20:19:54
  • Who told you that btw? May i ask what do you do in RL, and how big is the knowledge regarding computer games? Pardon me but i can assume that you know close to 0. So no that statement is a lie.
dude...dont go in an IT aswell, and thing is you cant do anything regarding arena, it's part of the core game, plus, if they never did that on china, they're not going to do anything here, plus the only thing that counts on arena is your iniciative, the rest, you have pretty much the same stats regarding power mostly. If you lose, it's because of smart plays, or teams synergy, or even iniciative, doesnt have to do anything with being strong or weak. I've won against people with cursed hidan and susanoo sasuke, so if you're being salty about losing, dont blame oasis, blame yourself.
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