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[ Fanart ] FANART: Easter Event Winners


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Congratulation Ninjas!

Thank you for your participation in the Easter Event!

Popularity Awards
1st Place - Nekotani Alice (58 votes)¬humb=yes2nd Place - Hagemanto (54 votes)¬humb=yes
(Remaining entries who did not win any popularity award will receive general participation.)

The popularity prizes are:
1st Place – Seal fragments *20, Lvl 4 attack magatama*1, mood scroll*3
2nd Place – Seal fragments *10, Lvl 4 attack magatama*1, mood scroll*2
General Participants - Seal fragments *10, Lvl 3 attack magatama*1, mood scroll*1

Evaluated Awards
1st Place - Hagemanto Place - Khalitz¬humb=yes3rd Place - Tsubasa-01¬humb=yes
The Evaluated prizes are:
1st Place - 400 coupons
2nd Place - 200 coupons
3rd place - 100 coupons

In addition, please reply ASAP to the private message from me (Rie). Rewards will be sent out in one-go (for all participants), so to prevent further delay of the rewards for others and yourself, please reply asap. Though if you haven't received a message from me, please check first if your entry is pinned — and if it is, please message me with the link of your entry. Thank you~

Once again, congratulations to the winners, and everyone—thank you for your participation! Please look forward to future PLOT section events:)

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