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[ Help ] Konoha forest fisherman?


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What is the the fisherman npc doing in konoha forest?
does anyone know?
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Is no one going to chime in on this? I mean it is pretty clear that those fishermen are there to help you get super rare summon fragments faster.
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There was a moment yesterday, before the actual events were up. Fishermen event was on. I think I saw someone post a thread about it.

You sweep instances to get baits to fish at 3 different areas i.e. Konoha, Toad Mount, and Land of Waves. Different areas use different types of baits (Low-Med-Adv.)

Luckily I had a play with it. You fish and you will get points to redeem prizes and certain chance to get "Fish box" that contains items i.e. lots of Dangos and other stuff.
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oh, thank you, I'm sad I missed the small margin to try it
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