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[ Events ] Convoy and Plundering


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Good day OasisGames,

Thank you for all your hard work and efforts to make this game as good as it is. I know it always has room for improvement, but it could be far worse and I thank you for keeping a semblance of balance. I am writing this message today with the hopes that you still listen to your fans, and have not yet fallen into the unethical abyss of money syphoning.

I would like to ask to review the Convoy/Plundering system if possible.
It is by far the most frustrating, unbalanced system in the game. Here is why:

Only the highest leveled, strongest players can plunder.
These players are ultimately paying players with already a huge advantage in... well... everything. Now, they have the option to actually hunt lower players to beat the crap out of them.

Those lower level players are most likely non-paying players, whose sources of coupons are very limited. Now one of them is reduced by half. That's 15 coupons left only, while the plunderer gets 50 coupons PER successful plunder. That's 150 coupons 100% of the time, because they can choose who to attack.

This prevents the lower levels from having a chance to catch up, while making the already strong players even stronger, widening the gap even further. You could argue that one can be supported by a higher level player from their own group, but that is IF there is one and IF they are online, basically forcing the players to play on a timeframe on which those players play.

Furthermore, I cannot express the disdain, disgust, hatred, and frustration felt towards the plunderers by the ones who get plundered. It is undiscribable.

It would be great if you could think of a way to enhance the experience of the lower players. The way it is now, it's only a show-off event for paying members to the detriment of the lower level players.

In any case, that is my two cents.
Thank you for listening.

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