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[ Events ] Convoy and Plundering


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The top 50 is either there because they pay or because they played smart before and got there. My advice to you is if your group doesn't have strong players or they are never online at the same time you are; you have two options: one you search a group that does have a person who can give you support you or stop running SS altogether.

You don't know if Oasis wants to keep that feature as it is and as someone explained maybe they will never change it for those reasons. I have seen this complaint many times and they have never stated any intent to change it. At one point you have to adapt, as the person explained people can plunder their own alt but they will go for the weaker member of their servers for as long as its possible. You can't do nothing about the gap either they plunder you or their alt or keep paying more than you. Save yourself some frustration and just stay away from the things that sap out your enjoyment of the game. This post was last edited by 104***@facebook at 2017-4-22 13:08
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