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[ Events ] Convoy and Plundering


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  • Here we are again. Please allow me to answer your question.
    First is about the nature of this system. The plunder system is made to give player who plays competitively a free, stable income of 150 coupon/day. So if you want to play competitively, to catch up to the stronger player, to beat other players, you have to have 3 clones or spend time refreshing for a stable income.
    Now, why is this system made only for the top 50 strongest player? First, it is to provide enough prey for the player who hasn't got 3 clones yet, to prevent the situation when everyone just goes plundering and there would be no convoy so no one gets anything in the end. Secondly, a server was meant to have only a
    maximum of 50 competitive players, so that the other, weaker player must either play non-competitively OR change to a new server if they want to go competitive. But the number is actually even lower because to play competitively you also need to:
    - Get top 3 team ranking in sage
    - Get a seal pack every week
    - Get top 128 in spacetime battlefield
    So that made the number of competitive player on a server usually only around ~20

    Hope this answer your question :) and furthermore please remember:
    - This doesn't apply to whale
    - This is one of the aspects that Oasis has made better for the f2p and small p2p community comparing to China and Taiwan because there you would not get 150 coupon for free everyday. So I really hope this system stay :D This post was last edited by mdr*** at 2017-4-22 11:50
Unfortunately, your little model does not take into account competitive players who have principles, and places said principle above their competitiveness.

Punished for doing the honorable thing, it's the ONE thing that I dislike the most about the game (yep, more than the 76 tendo, the TI nerf, the ptw, the horrid arena/masuri match making, THIS is my biggest beef with the game)
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