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[ Player Guide ] Tobei's Official Tier List (6/8/2019) The Return of the Tier List


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  • Uhm... i don't like too much some of your choices. Cursed Hidan works far better imo with MB than with SB. Heal on both myst and autos and debuff immunity. Also WB asuma is one of the most common ninja with MB (with iruka and mifune/darui) in the lightning armor blitz team.
It's not listed as what main they work WITH, it's what element that the ninja actually belong to so that you can find the ninja you are looking for easierAnd overall, it's only a list of ninjas's tier as they are indvidually, no team work of any sort is mentioned anywhere except in the special S+ or above tier examples.

I think...

I made the same mistake as you did.... But I took a second, then a third look, thought about it a little, and came to that conclusion.

I mean mabui is listed with Lighnting, other than the fact she IS lightning, she is only used with, most famously, water. And to some extend wind(cause of dance, that is ALOT of jutsu), there is no way she is instead "slotted" to work with lighnting main instead.
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